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In Google Chrome, how would I get the URL of the page being shown on a specific tab?

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possible duplicate of How can I get the URL for a Google Chrome tab? – hotveryspicy Jun 22 '12 at 6:02
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This depends on how you define specific tab. There are numerous functions to get a tab, which in turn give you back a Tab object. This object has a url attribute.

Let's take the current selected tab for example. You get a handle on it with chrome.tabs.getSelected. Where null is a WindowID, and defaults to the current window.

chrome.tabs.getSelected(null, function(tab) { 

For more information I suggest you have a look at the documentation of the API.

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According to the Google Chrome Extensions documentation, you can retrieve a tab's url by calling the chrome.tabs.get(integer tabId, function callback) method to get a Tab object containing the following fields:

id ( integer ) The ID of the tab. Tab IDs are unique within a browser session.

index ( integer ) The zero-based index of the tab within its window.

windowId ( integer ) The ID of the window the tab is contained within.

selected ( boolean ) Whether the tab is selected.

pinned ( boolean ) Whether the tab is pinned.

url ( string ) The URL the tab is displaying

title ( optional string ) The title of the tab. This may not be available if the tab is loading.

favIconUrl ( optional string ) The URL of the tab's favicon. This may not be available if the tab is loading.

status ( optional string ) Either loading or complete.

incognito ( boolean ) Whether the tab is in an incognito window.

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