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How can I customize share point portal and do it in a way that is easy to create and maintain. Below is a sample of the portal I inherited from someone else who was using images all over. I outlined in red each image. This image method introduces a lot of rigidity and loads of manual labor to make updates and changes.

can this be done using CSS or somethign other than images?

I tried using this site but i think it falls short and only allows customization of basic share point objects.

As a bonus i would like to see if its possible for each portal in the group that represents a particular project pull project related details like "milestones" from a SQL driven project management system we had home grown. Our team has about 25 projects at any given time.

enter image description here

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Your bonus question should be really be posted to a different question. –  Ryan Feb 7 '11 at 17:47

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For SharePoint Branding questions then Heather Solomon's blog is the first place to go to.

Especially have a look at the Resources on the right such as the CSS reference

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