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I'm new to Node.js, and I've been playing with the "chat" example provided with the Socket.io install package. Is shows in a few lines of code how you can push some data to several clients (browsers) in a push-fashion (no pulling).

Here is the code on the server side : http://pastie.org/1537175

I get how you can send a message to a client with client.broadcast(msg), but I don't get how you can do it outside of the

io.on('connection', function(client){ ... }


I would like to invoke a client.broadcast(msg) when someone hits a particular url (like '/test.html'), see line #32. The device asking for the '/test.html' is not a typical "ajax-enabled" browser, but a mere text-based browser, so I cannot initialize an asynchronous request with the server. Any idea?

Thank you.

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you can use .broadcast on your io object

case '/test.html':
    io.broadcast('test'); // This is where I would like to invoke a client.broadcast(msg);
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Thx, i feel so stupid! I ended up using express + faye : stackoverflow.com/questions/4096946/socket-io-with-express –  nmondollot Feb 8 '11 at 9:21

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