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How can i disable or delete an user in mediawiki? I can delete the records from the db but i am not sure if this would affect anything else in the wiki. Any suggestions would be welcome

Thanks Prady

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There's a special page that Admin users can see, /Special:BlockIP. Block them there.

You can also get to it from the Special Pages page, /Special:SpecialPages.

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Thanks.. that did it –  Prady Feb 7 '11 at 16:08
I think this feature only blocks the write access. What if you want to completely block them from reading (I have a private/login-required wiki) –  pixelfreak Jan 5 at 19:58

you could also reset the password of the user via

  • /Special:PasswordReset

note: I would not recommend deleting data via scripts in the DB. there are various functionalities for rolling back unwanted user edits, merging contribution from one user to another, etc.

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