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I have a node with an attribute named class. The input XML is :

<Job class="com.test.jobImplementation">

The Java class which represents the XML is annotated with Xstream annotations is as follows:

public static class Job {

    private String implementationClass;

    private Integer priority


When I try to deserialize the XML, xstream fails returning an error unrelated to the problem. (e.g. when I replace the attribute name "class" by "classs", it works fine.)

I know the "class" attribute is used whenever XStream can't tell from the XML and the field declaration exactly what type to use, but in this case I can't modify the XML input and I have to process the attribute "class".

Any workaround for unmarshalling an XML attribute with name "class" with Xstream?

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Starting with XStream 1.3.1 you can redefine those attributes to allow the names to be used for your own ones.


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