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I've been searching for a bit and I can't seem to find a decent example of saving namespace xml to a mySQL database.

Example of xml:

<ns1:node1 xmlns:ns1="name.space.1" xmlns:ns2="name.space.2" >
    <ns1:node2 attrib1="value1" attrib2="value2" />
    <ns2:node1 attrib3="value2">
        <ns1:node2 attrib4="value4" attrib5="value5" />

Notes: I'm not too worried about saving white space in the database so BOTH of these are OK, eg.

<ns1:node1 xmlns:ns1="name.space.1" xmlns:ns2="name.space.2" >
    <ns2:node1 attrib1="value1" attrib2="value2" />
    <ns2:node1 attrib1="value1" attrib2="value2" />
    <ns2:node1 attrib1="value1" attrib2="value2" />


<ns1:node1 xmlns:ns1="name.space.1">
    <ns2:node1 xmlns:ns2="name.space.2" attrib1="value1" attrib2="value2" />
    <ns2:node1 xmlns:ns2="name.space.2" attrib1="value1" attrib2="value2" />
    <ns2:node1 xmlns:ns2="name.space.2" attrib1="value1" attrib2="value2" />

These can both work for me when it comes to parsing the final result. The main problem I have is storing this on the database side.

I'm OK when it comes to mySQL but my experience with proper table structure is lacking. I'm trying to reduce the number of redundant operations to generate my final result.

I'm not sure which of the following the 'best practice':

-- A --

  1. (response) php query --> sql result (object) --> php render object (native)
  2. (request) php post data (xml) --> php render object (native) --> sql store object (native)

-- B --

  1. (response) php query --> sql result (string) --> php parse (string) --> php render object (native)
  2. (request) php post data (xml) --> sql store data (string)

If it is possible for mySQL to store native xml WITH namespaces, then is it possible for someone to post an example of some sorts?

P.S. I assume this would also relate to RSS feeds as they are namespaced xml also. So if anyone has a good method of storing RSS feeds on a database, that may help also. (Yes I know thats opposite of its ment for - rendering data base info / not saving it...)

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I do not understand your question. Are you talking of saving XML text as is? What's wrong with it then? –  Your Common Sense Feb 11 '11 at 8:02
Yes I am asking the best way to save: xml structure, attributes, name space to a mysql database. If there is no 'best way' then my other question is --> would raw text work just as well? –  mrrich.net Feb 22 '11 at 14:41

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