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Lets say i got 2 facts:


I need to find the difference between the two. So I figured If I could convert 3:44 into a character chain, I could then go threw the list, and get the numbers out and work with them....

But how can i change the fact 3:44, into a character chain?

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If your facts for time/1 are written precisely as you've shown above, then they contain terms constructed with ':'/2, such that, if you executed the following, you'd get:

?- time(H:M).
H = 3,
M = 44 ;
H = 16,
M = 28.

As you can see, you can easily extract the hours (H) and minutes (M) for each time/1 fact using pattern matching as shown. Using this technique, you could try plugging your values into the following (n.b., this is just a suggestion; it mightn't work the way you want it to, but you should get the basic idea):

duration_between(H1:M1, H2:M2, H3:M3) :-
    MinsDiff is abs((M2 - M1) + ((H2 - H1) * 60)), % minutes btw H2:M2 and H1:M1
    H3 is floor(MinsDiff / 60),
    M3 is MinsDiff mod 60. 

Exercising this, for example, gives:

?- duration_between(3:44, 16:28, H:M).
H = 12,
M = 44.

Tested with SWI-Prolog.

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