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I want to add authentication to my Ruby on Rails 3 app, but I only need users to be able to authenticate using their Google accounts, because I'm making it a hosted app for the Chrome Webstore, so I think OpenID would work well for this. I want to have some custom fields in the user database to store user-specific data. What should I use for this? I want users to be able to sign up only with OpenID. Thanks.

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You should try omniauth gem, it uses not only Google OpenID. Omniauth takes user's data from provider and pass to your application which is you can amplify

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I've been using authlogic and authlogic-oid add-on to handle this.

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You could try the devise_openid_authenticatable gem. I haven't used it myself but it looks like it would do what you want using the Devise authentication gem, which is what I use on all of my Rails projects.

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