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My code is

//global variable
var topMenuSelected = 'Hot';

function switchMenu() {
            case 'Hot':
                ${'#hotMenu'}.css('color', '#fff');
            case 'All':
                ${'#allMenu'}.css('color', '#fff');

Here hotMenu and allMenu are ids of a tag <a>. On click of these links I am calling this function to change the color of <a>. But the error like invalid character is coming for $ character in switch

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This needs to use "(" rather than "{"

${'#hotMenu'}.css('color', '#fff');

$('#hotMenu').css('color', '#fff');
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Thanks man .... I thinking I am feeling sleepy –  Mahendra Feb 7 '11 at 18:59

A few things

First change ${'#hotMenu'} to $('#hotMenu')

Also make sure you are loading jQuery first, and its also a good idea to wrap your intiliazing code within

    //Code here
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