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I installed the Corona SDK on MacOS. Now I'm trying to open a .lua file. My most preferable way I've found to do it so far is to right-click and then Open With->Other... and select Text Wrangler. I installed the lua plug-in for Eclipse but Eclipse says it cannot open files of this type (though it works from inside a project). How can I quickly open a file for editing, for example type command+O and have it show up in Eclipse.

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You're asking how to associate a file extension with an application? Suggest you try: apple.stackexchange.com Or perhaps see stackoverflow.com/questions/1635881/… –  Phrogz Feb 7 '11 at 19:05

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Select the file. Type Cmd+i. In the "Open with" section, choose the program you'd like to use to open it in the drop down menu.

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