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Here is my favorite iOS (iPhone) development RSS list. Around 35 sites.

Daily, I get many useful information from the following great RSS and I'd like to share them with you.

Please let us know your RSS list ~



Able Pear Software

Blog : Mobisoft Infotech

Cocoa Dev Blog

Cocoa Is My Girlfriend

Cocoa Samurai

Cocoa with Love

cocos2d for iPhone

Cult of Mac

Dr. Touch

Enormego Developer Blog

How to Make iPhone Apps


iPhone Developer Tips

iPhone Development

iPhone iOS 4 iTV iPad SDK Development Tutorials, Programming Tips, News

iPhone OS Development Blog

iPhone SDK Articles

iPhone SDK Tutorial for Beginners



John Wang


Matt Legend Gemmell

MK Blog

Mobile Orchard

NotTooBad Blogging

Ole Begemann: iOS Development


Ray Wenderlich

Steve @ DynamicEdge

The Flying Jalapeno Lives

Trails in the Sand

vorm + beweging

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