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I forget, but does EAGL stand for anything specific? Or is it just part of the Core Animation OpenGL naming convention (CAEAGLLayer, etc.)?

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"AGL" is the name of Apple's OpenGL extensions for OS X. I believe "EAGL" is an abbreviation for "Embedded AGL" or "ES AGL.

Alternatively, EAGL is Apple's version of EGL. "EGL" officially refers to the "Khronos Native Platform Graphics Interface", but earlier versions of the spec referred to it as "Embedded-System Graphic Library". So perhaps the correct answer is that EAGL means "Embedded-System Apple Graphics Library".

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So this is the right answer then, right? –  Kriem Mar 13 '09 at 20:23

might be Apple's Embedded Graphics Library

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"..t the EGL API and the EAGL (the EGL API implemented by Apple)..."

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