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I have this div

<div id="termSheetPopup" style="visibility:hidden;">

It's hidden on the page b/c I want it to display in a JQuery popup. I make it a popup with this:

function createAndShowTermSheetPopup() {
                modal: true,
                resizable: false,
                title: 'Generate Term Sheet',
                width: 350,
                height: 200,
                autoOpen: true,
                buttons: {
                    "Generate": function () {
                    "Cancel": function () {

I want it to make it visible to see in the popup but not on the page when the popup isn't up. How do I do that?

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Set autoOpen to false when you initialize it, then call $('#termSheetPopup').dialog('open') when you're ready to use it.

More information can be found on the jquery-ui demo page.

Update: If you can excuse jsFiddle not showing CSS correctly, this is a demo of what I mean.

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