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A phone has_many messages

An email address has_many messages

a message "sometimes belongs to" a phone, sometimes an email, sometimes neither. In other words, the "belongs_to" is optional.

It SEEMS to work fine that our phones model "has_many :messages" and our email model "has_many :messages" WITHOUT a corresponding "belongs_to :phones, :email" in messages model.

Just wanted to ensure that's okay to do this? or is there some proper way to specify belongs_to_SOMETIMES ?

Cheers! JP

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It is completely correct unidirectional relation. Using both is sometimes called "curcular dependency" by some purists and may cause problems when using validates_associated.

From the other side using only has_many :messages may be not enough when you want retrieve phone information from one message. Generally it is matter of convenience.

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yeah we found out that without "belongs_to" we cannot say in a view Thanks for the quick confirmation! – jpwynn Feb 7 '11 at 20:23

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