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Can I add data 2 from different tables of the same database into each row of a ListView in Android?

I have a vendor app and I want to add data from one standard items list table and one daily table to the list view.

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just a note: you don't have to use a Cursor/CursorAdapter to populate a ListView. You can fill your own custom list/array with objects from any source(multiple tables, string resources, etc) –  binnyb Feb 7 '11 at 21:20
how do I fill the listView from a database without a cursor? –  Java GWT Developer Feb 20 '11 at 21:26

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If both tables have the same row format (or at least you're selecting the same type of rows from both tables), you can combine them into a single query with UNION. See the sqlite select query documentation for more info on UNIONs.

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I think you mean that the query joins two different tables; is that correct?

If you're using a SimpleCursorAdapter, then you can use a CursorToStringConverter to provide the labels for the ListView. Here's an example:

    // choices to be displayed in the AutoCompleteTextView.
    adapter.setCursorToStringConverter(new CursorToStringConverter() {
        public String convertToString(android.database.Cursor cursor) {
            final int columnIndex1 = cursor.getColumnIndexOrThrow("col1");
            final String str1 = cursor.getString(columnIndex1);
            final int columnIndex2 = cursor.getColumnIndexOrThrow("col2");
            final String str2 = cursor.getString(columnIndex2);
            return str1 + str2;

If you want to data from each of the tables to be presented in separate Views (instead of within a single TextView), then you can use a SimpleCursorAdapter.ViewBinder to update the Views. (Here's an example of a ViewBinder. I wrote this to work with a Spinner, but it works the same way with a ListView.)

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