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Can anyone tell me how to subtract a query from another query

strNewSql4 = "SELECT tblRevRelLog_Detail.PartNumber, tblRevRelLog_Detail.ChangeLevel    FROM tblRevRelLog_Detail"
  strNewSql4 = strNewSql4 & " WHERE tblRevRelLog_Detail.RevRelTrackingNumber = """ & tempTrackingNumber & """;"

   strNewSql3 = "SELECT tblEventLog.PartNumber FROM tblEventLog WHERE tblEventLog.EventTypeSelected = 'pn REMOVED From Wrapper'AND tblEventLog.TrackingNumber = """ & tempTrackingNumber & """"

I want the result for strNewSql4 - strNewSql3 as strNewSql1

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You can create sub queries and LEFT JOIN them on a suitable field, selecting the values that have a Null value for the selected field.

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There are a few different ways to express this query, such as a join, or using "NOT IN" with a sub-query, however the best choice based on the information given in your question is probably to use "NOT EXISTS", as follows:

SELECT tblRevRelLog_Detail.PartNumber, tblRevRelLog_Detail.ChangeLevel
FROM tblRevRelLog_Detail
WHERE tblRevRelLog_Detail.RevRelTrackingNumber = """ & tempTrackingNumber & """
                 WHERE tblEventLog.PartNumber = tblRevRelLog_Detail.PartNumber
                   AND tblEventLog.TrackingNumber =
                   AND tblEventLog.EventTypeSelected = 'pn REMOVED From Wrapper')
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Jet/ACE does not optimize NOT IN and NOT EXISTS well -- you may find that it doesn't use the indexes on both sides of the comparison. A LEFT JOIN, on the other hand, will always use both indexes. –  David-W-Fenton Feb 8 '11 at 5:11

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