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Here is 2 columns of data. I need to write a formula to compare the two columns. The end result is I want to know which in column A are not in column B.


1023 1023

1024 1024

1025 1025

1026 1026

1028 1028

1029 1029

Can we write formula for this? or we have to write macro? I am not in advance to write macro it its required :( help me please

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How do you need to show the result? – Dr. belisarius Feb 7 '11 at 21:37
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Put this formula in C1:


And expand downwards. It will be TRUE if the value in column A exists in column B.

For the record, your example data is identical in both columns, so it will always be TRUE.

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Not sure this is your question, but to compare row by row, without programming AND without formula:

  • highlight the 2 columns,
  • then press ctrl+G (shortcut for Go To),
  • click on Special button
  • Select Row differences

That's it, Excel has selected all cells in second column that are different from the first column. Just click on a color button to keep the result visible.

You can of course program that as well. try recording it if you're nowhere with programming. (look hands !)

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