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I am taking over a large project, and a lot of nested arrays are defined for option select lists to be used with form_dropdown() and form_multiselect() in Codeigniter. However, these arrays simply have values set and not corresponding keys.

Here's an example:

$lists['roomItems'] = array('Private telephone','Television cable/satellite','Personal furniture/decorations','Computer','Radio');
$lists['busRoute'] = array('Yes','No');
$lists['transport'] = array('Medical appointments','Dental appointments','Dialysis center','Wound care center','Religious services',
                                'Shopping services');

What I'd like to do is recursively go through $lists and make the keys equivalent to the values. For a single array, I tried foreach($lists['roomItems'] as $key=>value) and tried setting the key equal to the value, but it didn't take.

Can anyone help? I have about 30 items in the $lists array plus other ones that I'd re-use this code, so simply manually changing the pointers isn't really something I'd like to do. Thanks!

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mhmmm what about:

$newList = array();
foreach($lists as $k=>$v) $newList[$k] = array_combine($v,$v);

should do the trick

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Perfect. Thanks so much! It's array_combine() I totally forgot about. –  Michael B Feb 7 '11 at 22:15
ah i know that... i keep forgetting simple yet useful function all the time :D –  david.wosnitza Feb 7 '11 at 22:17

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