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In my program, I have a section that displays the various currencies using the java NumberFormat. As an example, the following three lines will give you the currency format for Algeria.

chosenlocale = new Locale("ar","DZ");

NumberFormat currencyformatter = NumberFormat.getCurrencyInstance(chosenlocale);

String currencyexample = currencyformatter.format(Double.parseDouble("0000.00000"));

When I run this in the Android emulator, I get the cool and funky characters, but I do not when I run it on my device. I assume that if the device was native to Algeria, the characters would display as they do in the emulator. Is my assumption a good one?

Many thanks for your input!

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Your assumption would be correct.

On your android device you can set an option that will let you use Simulated Locales (Definitions -> Applications -> Development) and you can even define another location for you device (Definitions -> Region and Text -> Select Region)

In your app you can also set a locale for the device (that won't change the system configuration)

Take a look at setLocale(Locale locale)

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