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Since 2011-02-06 trunk build of Netbeans (probably earlier), JUnit is removed, as it was proposed.

Sadly, there seem to be still no plugin for JUnit from Tools->Plugins->Availible..., which would act as a drop-in replacement. Perhaps, no post-installable drop-in replacement is even planned.

Sure, I could define a new custom Netbeans library and install JUnit manually (which is what I might do, when there is no better solution).

But, I asking you guys: does anyone know of a better solution?

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Currently there doesn't seem to be a better solution. I hope they will solve problems with the licence soon and final version will be with jUnit. There's also the item "Tools > Create JUnit Tests" now missing

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In more recent trunk builds of Netbeans (as of 2011-03-31), installation of JUnit plugin is offered separated during installation.

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