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I want to use the in operator in my Google App Engine project which was introduced in Django 1.2:

{% if "bc" in "abcdef" %}
  This appears since "bc" is a substring of "abcdef"
{% endif %}

I found out that is possible to use version 1.0 or 1.1on GAE, but nothing for 1.2. Is it possible?

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You can bundle any version of Django with your application and deploy it.

Django 1.2.4 will almost certainly be included in the next release of App Engine; it's in the pre-release SDK 1.4.2 that was put out late last week. Assuming nothing goes horribly wrong, the prerelease features usually make it to the production site in a week or two.

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I tested it, works like a glove with the pre-release. – topless Feb 9 '11 at 1:09
But is it possible to deploy this version? – Lipis Feb 9 '11 at 1:35
You an download the 1.2.4 release and bundle it with your app, or simply wait for it to go live. – Wooble Feb 9 '11 at 3:29
Django 1.2.5 made it into the App Engine 1.4.2 release! Enjoy. – Rich Churcher Feb 12 '11 at 1:42

It appears so, I found this - http://www.deck.cc/django_1.2_on_google_app_engine.html

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Ah ok then. Although, I believe this did answer your original question :) – Zink Feb 8 '11 at 9:50
maybe this did answer my question.. but I didn't manage to make it work straight away.. Probably it will work if I spend some time.. but since the project already started I wanted something easier.. this is not what I was looking for.. I found this by myself as well.. btw.. have you tried it? have you made it work? – Lipis Feb 8 '11 at 10:07

I don't know if you can use that version, but you should certainly be able to use SmileyChris's smart_if snippet which was the basis of the extended if functionality in Django 1.2.

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