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I'm trying to chose the ARM development board for education purpose. The goal is to learn how to run and play around with systems like Android (version 2.0 or higher),Linux, Windows CE. It must support touch-screen, Ethernet, USB host and device.

I've found many boards, the most interesting is Android6410. I've search Google and it seems that it is not very popular. Has anyone used it? Is it well documented? What about the support? How about the performance under Android?

I've also found some other development boards:

Any hints will be appreciated.

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Samsung has provided an android kernel, as well as a reasonably current "generic" linux kernel) that, amongst other Samsung SoCs, also supports the 6410. The Git repos are here:


These do provide smdk6410 defconfig targets.

You also need an odroid bootloader (uboot for 6410) to be able to flash new kernels onto the board and/or the SDcard it boots from, as Samsung uses a special "fastboot" utility for this purpose (very different from OMAP which just puts the kernel into a file).

I can't comment on the performance of the device compared to others, as I haven't run extensive benchmark tests or anything, sorry. You're right, it's way ahead of 2440; it's an ARM1136 CPU, so it'll end up somewhat slower than the Cortex-A chips from omap3/4 boards.

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Try the FL6410: http://www.arm9board.net/sel/prddetail.aspx?id=363&pid=200

A nice board with great Android support!

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