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In what situations is it more appropriate to use an HTML IMG tag to display an image, as opposed to a CSS background-image, and vice-versa?

Factors may include accessibility, browser support, dynamic content, or any kind of technical limits or usability principles.


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As an update, since this ranks pretty high on Google, browser scaling and image stretching for background-image is now possible, and pretty widely supported (IE8 and below, of course, being the exception), rendering items 4 and 7 moot in cases that can allow for a fallback or ignoring such an effect for IE8 and below. caniuse.com/#search=background-image –  Shauna Feb 8 '13 at 15:45
Also img can have map with clickable areas and hints –  Vitim.us Sep 27 '13 at 16:08

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Also note that most search engine spiders don't index CSS background images therefore the background images will be ignored and you won't be able to get any traffic from search engines (no SEO benefit in short).

Where as all images defined with tags are indexed (unless manually excluded) and can bring in traffic from search engines if their title/alt attributes and filenames are optimized properly (w.r.t some keyword).


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