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I have an Access database with a linked table in a second database, located in the same directory as the first.

I would like to copy the whole directory to a new location (for testing) and have database one still link to the table in database two, but the linkage is still to the original directory, not the new location.

I'd like to do one of two things: either

  1. Make the link to the table in database two in such a way that the folder path is relative - that the path to database two isn't hardcoded.


  2. Have a routine in Form_Load (or an autoexec macro) that checks the application.path and programmatically adjusts the linkage accordingly.

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It can be useful to have a start-up form that allows you to browse for the back-end you want and a table of the tables that should be linked. You could iterate through the tables collection, but i think a list is slightly safer. After that, a little code is all that is needed, here is a snippet:

''Connection string with database password 
strConnect = "MS Access;PWD=pw;DATABASE=" & Me.txtNewDataDirectory

Set rs = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset("Select TableName From LinkTables " _
& "WHERE TableType = 'LINK'")

Do While Not rs.EOF
    ''Check if the table is already linked, if it is, update the connection
    ''otherwise, link the table. 

    If IsNull(DLookup("[Name]", "MSysObjects", "[Name]='" & rs!TableName & "'")) Then
        Set tdf = db.CreateTableDef(rs!TableName, dbAttachSavePWD, _
            rs!TableName, strConnect)
        db.TableDefs.Append tdf
        db.TableDefs(rs!TableName).Connect = strConnect
    End If
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Perfect - thanks !<P>(I should have known it was something in a system table.) –  Steve H Feb 8 '11 at 13:52
@user581943 The system table stuff is only used to find if the link exists, Connect is the property of the TableDef that needs to be changed if the link does exist. –  Fionnuala Feb 8 '11 at 13:55
the usual method is to loop through the TableDefs collection and either check if there's a Connect string or use the system propert that identifies a linked table. –  David-W-Fenton Feb 9 '11 at 3:59
@David-W-Fenton I am fully aware of that and I say above "You could iterate through the tables collection, but i think a list is slightly safer." If, for some reason, a link has been deleted, a list of tables that should be there is going to be very useful. Try it, it saves time in development, too. –  Fionnuala Feb 9 '11 at 8:24
@rryanp There are the same, VBA is not case sensitive. You cannot omit the attributes parameter, but you can use 0 instead of dbAttachSavePWD. –  Fionnuala Aug 15 '13 at 8:37

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