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I have an object like this:

var data = {
"info" : [{
"title": "Desemberkonsert",
"description": "MangerFHS 09/10"
"playlist" : [
"title": "In This Place",
"description": "Excalibur",
"href": "desemberkonsert_in-this-place",
"url": "flv/desemberkonsert/21_in_this_place.flv",
"thumbnail": "flv/desemberkonsert/21_in_this_place_thumbnail.png",
"time": "5:39"

And I am trying to do a search using jHashtables containsValue-function (I am willing to settle for any other search method that works though), like this containsValue(data.playlist, 'Excalibur'). But for some reason, this returns false. How would I select the array that contains the the value Excalibur from the code above?

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Use the TAB key to improve the formatting of your code. (or jsbeautifier.com) –  Šime Vidas Feb 9 '11 at 0:31
data.playlist[0].description –  Šime Vidas Feb 9 '11 at 0:33

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I could not find a decent method inherently available in JavaScript or the jQuery library, but using a smaller library named jLinq (http://jlinq.hugoware.com/), doing it was a breeze. It allows me to filter with many different methods (I am using the 3.x beta though).

EDIT: The thing I missed was that the lowest arrays behave like objects too. But as Šime Vidas pointed out, I can select a subarray like this: data.playlist[0], and an item within that like this: data.playlist[0].description.

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