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To use counters I need to have an access to Reporter object.

The Reporter object is passed as parameter to map() and reduce(), hence I can do: reporter.incrCounter(NUM_RECORDS, 1);

But I need to use counters inside the class MultipleOutputFormat ( I am using method generateFileNameForKeyValue )

Question: how to access the Reporter object inside the MultipleOutputFormat class?

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You Could create your own MultipleOutputFormat class, MyMultipleOutputFormat (which is kinda sounds like you are doing) and create a function that takes in a Reporter (as well as the other parameters) that then calls the base generateFileNameForKeyValue.

If there is a way you can access the Job from where you need to record it. You can get the context from the job (context.getConfiguration() and then increment the counter (context.getCounter(YOUR_COUNTER.HERE).increment(1);)

I don't know your exact situation, but attempting to use a counter inside a function that should be acting on/for a single record seems unnecessary and likely could be done 'outside' where access to the Reporter/Context is easy. I could be wrong and your situation/use of the counter is needed there, but I'd suggest checking if you really need it inside that function, or if it could be done outside as well.

Edit: To respond to the couple of points that were unclear; Creating a function that takes in a Reporter: Since you are extending the MultipleOutputFormat you can add additional functions. If you add a function definition of generateFileNameForKeyValueAndTrack(K key, V value, String name, Reporter reporter) you can then do the counter incrementation in that function and have it call generateFileNameForKeyValue passing along key, value and name.

Using a counter inside seems unneeded: I'm assuming you are calling generateFileNameForKeyValue inside the map function. Replace map with whatever function if that assumption is wrong. Create a collection (don't care what type, as long as it can do what I describe) that you store the generated File Name. Everytime a filename is generated you can check if it exists in the collection and increment the appropriate counter. I can see the appeal of doing it inside the generate... function to avoid duplicating data, so I'd (off the top of my head) probably go with creating the additional function (specified above).

I hope that helps clarify what I was suggestion.

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I do not call MyMultipleOutputFormat methods explicitly: I just register this class: job.setOutputFormat(MyMultipleOutputFormat.class) and Hadoop calls methods of this class (e.g. generateFileNameForKeyValue) behind the hood. My main issue is that I do not know how to access the Reporter object: I have an access to JobConf object in MultipleOutputFormat, but JobConf (I think) do not provide an access to Reporter and I do not use Context object, because it is in 0.20 API and I am using 0.19 Hadoop API – user510040 Feb 8 '11 at 19:38
Ahh. Having not worked with MultipleOutputFormat I failed to realize it called that automatically, but that makes sense. Outside of those options, maybe see if you can access which filename was generated in the map function? – Nija Feb 8 '11 at 20:38

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