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I would like to move files from the Windows Explorer to my Java GUI and act on that event by receiving the path of the file(s) to upload it(them) to a server.

What kind of event is that? Where can I find some information about it (example code?) ?

Thanks :)

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Sounds like you're talking about drag and drop (DnD) events. And here's a CodeProject article that does Windows <-> Java app DnD.

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+1. Tested this recently. File drag and dropping and other types of information works well. You can extend javax.swing.TransferHandler, override the importData method and iterate through the transfer data to handle a list of files. You can then apply an instance of your custom TransferHandler to a component via the setTransferHandler method. It'd be nice to know if it's possible to set this in one go for more than one Component. – James Poulson Feb 8 '11 at 4:30

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