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I have referenced another project containing a WPF form I want to use. This form happens to have a little icon at the top left of it.

In my own VSTO project, I have a button that should call the form.

At runtime, clicking the button gives me an error saying that it cannot get the resource '$this.Icon', which is an embedded resource of the WPF form I am referencing.

I did a little test, created another Outlook plugin that calls the same form at startup. The form loads fine without errors.

Any ideas on what could be causing this; going through the code for hours yields nothing :(

EDIT : sorry, it's a winform, not the newer WPF

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I wrote an article on this topic, titled Accessing Embedded Resources using GetManifestResourceStream on my blog.

Two things to check:

  1. Make sure the Build Action property on the icon is set to Embedded Resource.

  2. Are you using the fully qualified name of the resource? This bit of code will dump out the names of your assembly resources:

    Assembly _assembly;
    _assembly = Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly();
    string[] names = _assembly.GetManifestResourceNames();
    foreach (string name in names)
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Link to blog article leads to page with advertisements, no blog. –  bovender May 22 at 6:13

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