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I am loading an aspx page into a div using jquery.load(). The aspx page loaded into the div has a datalist. Each datalist item has a linkbutton. My problem is that the linkbutton is not causing a postback though. Strangely, if I change the linkbutton to a button, it does postback. Also, when loading the page normally (not from a jquery.load event), the linkbutton performs correctly.

What is it that causes the linkbutton to not cause a postback when loaded this way? And is there a better way to handle this?

Thanks in advance,


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LinkButton renders a __doPostBack() JS method call, whereas a Button renders a submit button by default.

When replacing the UI with JQuery.load, scripts inside the content do not automatically parse and run. That's probably the issue here.


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+1 on what Brian said. Is there a better way to handle it? I can think of a couple of ways:

  1. convert the postback events to a handler. Then you can wire your dynamically loaded linkbuttons to regular links and use jquery ajax to post to your handler.

  2. You could load your aspx page as an iframe

I think the 1st option is more elegant but requires more work.

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