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I'm creating image pop-ups that appear on hovering a thumbnail, and am having problems where if a second thumbnail is hovered before the first is loaded I get both full size popups appearing. I think I should be using .stop somwhere to stop the current load event if a second one is triggered but not sure how to apply it... can anyone help. thanks.

lc.setupPopupthumbs = function(){

    $('.pup-link').hover(function(e) {
    //hide previous image if it is still there 

    //append a preloader...
    var topOfThumb = $(this).position().top + 10;
    $('<img src="img/load.gif" alt="" id="puploader" />').appendTo('.col-main');
    $('#puploader').css('top', topOfThumb + 'px').css('left','80px');

    //get the src of full image and load it...
    var href = $(this).attr('href');        
    var d = new Date();

    var img = new Image();
        img.id = 'largeImage';  
        img.src = href + '?nocache=' + d.getTime();
       //IE is a ****** and cant fire a load event on cached img

    //when image has loaded... remove loading gif and append main image
    $(img).load(function () {


        h = $(this).height();               

//set the css top attribute but first make sure its not going to flow off page 
        wtop = $(window).scrollTop();
        wbottom = wtop + $(window).height();

        mytop = e.pageY - h*0.46;
        mybottom = mytop + h;

        if(mytop < wtop + 20){ mytop = wtop + 20; }
        else if(mybottom > wbottom - 20){ mytop = wbottom - 20 - h; }

        $(this).css('top', mytop + 'px');       


}, function() {
    //remove image on mouse out
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I guess you need to rethink the part where you say //remove image on mouse out I think you need a mouse out handler bound separately and call remove based on class. I mean, all large images fall under a .myclass, you need to say $('.myclass').remove() ? Just a thought –  Shrinath Feb 8 '11 at 4:33

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