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I am want to iterate a loop withing a loop in the velocity template.I have list of objects for say states and in that state object there is a property called cities which is again a list.

public class State{
  public String stateName = "";
  public float stateArea = "";
  public List stateCities = "";

List<State> state = new ArrayList<State>();

Basically i want to iterate over this kind of structure in velocity template engine.I can get the normal properties like String and float but i am not able to iterate "stateCities" property.If any more details are required on this please let me know.

Thx Sagar.

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Haven't tried this myself, but does something like the following not work?

#foreach( $state in $states )
   #foreach ($city in $state.stateCities)
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This doesn't work in my testing. I've verified that the "state" array contains rows but velocity insists on just printing out "$city" (or in my case "$row.issue" where I have a public member variable named "issue"). –  dpk Feb 21 '13 at 23:00

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