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How I can programmatically find the list of applications that starts on device startup. Is there any way to programmatically reset applications property to prevent run on startup .?


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yep, check my app Autorun Manager in basic mode it displays all the startup applications and you can set the app to kill them right after they start, in advanced mode it lists all the system wide intent receivers and you can disable and enable whatever you want (this is for advanced and rooted users)

if you want to do that programmatically you need to list applications subscribed to BOOT_FINISHED android intent

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can you give methods? –  pengwang Sep 2 '11 at 4:39

There is also this App: Gemini App Manager

This gives a wide range of options, under Expert Mode, regarding Self and Auto Start, and is Free from Market.

You could also Freeze App with Paid version of Titannium Backup

Sorry, does not answer the programmatically question directly, but gives options to prevent Apps from Auto/Self Starting

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Have a market search for Autorun Manager.


This question might be better off in http://android.stackexchange.com though.

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I like to do the task programmatically. –  Android_IT Feb 8 '11 at 7:07

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