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Does anyone know know the name of a of flash book flip page creator with the following features:

  1. Downloadable software application, so I don't need to upload my files to someone else's server
  2. Produces an FLA file so that I can edit it as required

I've checked these questions, but couldn't find one. PDF to flash book (great resource but not what i was looking for)

Any Ideas? Does anyone on here have flash experience to do this themselves?

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Well, it isn't a creator, but it is an open-source project that you can use to create your own flipbook.

Here is another that is a one-time cost I think: http://www.ecatalogcreator.com/

There are a lot more out there that cost money. But if you have a flash developer, Megazine is pretty easy to customize. The code is pretty well written to be flexible, yet powerful.

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Megazine3 is kind of outdated, take a look at flexpaper zine instead which also has html5 support for non flash devices


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If the real case is that you want to keep flip book on your own server - use your own hosting, then you could use Pressmo flip book engine:

  • one-time upload your PDF,
  • wait until conversion finished,
  • download e-edition and remove PDF from the account.
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