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I created a SQL table called stock. In that table are the fields itemcode & netweight. How can I get a message like "The Stock is Not Available" if the netweight field is zero for a particular item code?

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"low quality' does not even begin to describe... – Mitch Wheat Feb 8 '11 at 6:07
Please post up what you have tried so far and why it isn't doing what you need. – a'r Feb 8 '11 at 6:10

That shouldn't be a database concern in the first place; the database's job is to store (wait for it) data. So the appropriate query is just:

select netweight from stock where itemcode = @itemcode

then it is a UI concern to do something like (for example)

someControl.Text = netweight > 0 ? netweight.ToString()
                                 : "The Stock is Not Available";

However, if you must do it at the database, case:

select case when netweight > 0 then convert(varchar(10), netweight)
            else 'The Stock is Not Available' end as [netweight]
from stock where itemcode = @itemcode
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select 'The Stock is Not Available' 
from stock 
where netweight = 0 and 'YOUR CONDITION'

This is what you can use in your stored procedure.

Please give more information about table and what you need to do if you want in detail..

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