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Is there a way to get the file name from a FileOutputStream or from FileInputStream?

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Looks like the answer is no:

There are no public methods that return the File or String used in construction of the stream.

EDIT: The same holds for FileInputStream.

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I guess the same answer is for FileInputStream too right?? –  Ebbu Feb 8 '11 at 6:22
@Stephen- I read the docs, but just wanted to confirm that I didnt miss out anything. –  Ebbu Feb 8 '11 at 6:46

This feature is not provided by the out-of-the-box File-Input/Output-Stream, but nothing stops you from writing your own subclass that stores the File (or fileName) and provides a getter for it.

I would suggest implementing some FileNameAware interface for this), as I/O Streams are usually referenced with the InputStream / OutputStream abstract classes to avoid coupling your application with specific implementations.

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My answer comes a little late. I hit the same issue when writing some code.

To get around it, I used a FileOutputStream(File file) instead of FileOutputStream(String location) because I can then do file.getAbsolutePath(). See the example snippet below.

    String location = "some.relative.path.txt";
    File file = new File(location);
    FileOutputStream f = new FileOutputStream(file);
    String question = "<h3>"+header+"</h3>";
    String finalSource = HTMLWrapper.HTML_START+question +htmlContent;
    System.out.println("The report is now available at"+file.getAbsolutePath());
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Why the negative vote? Can someone explain? –  David Brossard Jun 3 '14 at 21:47
Maybe because the File(Out/In)putStream did not matter here as you hold the File. If the method only return a Stream, you have no chance (with direct FileInputStream use) to retrieve the underlying File or the location –  Stephane Toussaint Mar 27 at 16:48

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