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I have a list where each element can be toggled open and closed like this

The list is like this:

<h2 class="siteDesSubTrigger"> <a href="#">Trigger</a></h2>
<div class="siteDesSubBlock" style="display: none;">
Sub Content

The jQuery is like this

    return false; 

I need to also add a Expand All/ Collapse All switch but I am having troubles getting this to work properly. This is what I have so far

    $(this).toggle(function() {
    $("h2.expandAll").text("Collapse All");
    }, function(){
    $("h2.expandAll").text("Expand All");


but it is really buggy.. like if a panel is already expanded it will close it while opening the rest and.. well it basically doesnt work :P. Can someone please help me with the proper way to write this function?

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The expand all could be rewritten to just use the click handlers of non-active h2's like so:


And the collapse all could be rewritten to just click active headers, eg.


By implementing the expand/collapse all buttons like this, you leave each h2 click handler to deal with it's own toggle state and you shouldn't get into consistency issues.

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firs of you should do this to make sure the link doesn't do default:


It works more properly in all browsers than return false

Here is how you do expand all and collapse all.

//expand all
//collapse all

I put it all on jsfiddle for you to view here: http://jsfiddle.net/jsweazy/MnnAf/

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