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While debugging a PHP script in eclipse, I don't see an option to pass Arguments to the script. But I do see the option for JAva applications.

Is this feature not supported by eclipse yet? Or is there a way and I am missing it?

I am using Helios Eclipse for PHP.


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there may be "run configuration" in the run menu, there is for zend based on eclipse, you could just 'fake' them in the sript. –  Dagon Feb 8 '11 at 7:13
the run and debug configurations allow for arguments only for java applications; not for php scripts. hence the question. –  gokul Feb 8 '11 at 7:26
well in zend studio the options are there for php as well, if not in Helios, then i guess you cant. –  Dagon Feb 8 '11 at 21:58

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I'm using Eclipse Indigo with PDT and there's an option in Run >> Debug Configurations >> PHP CLI Application >> YOUR_CUSTOM_CONFIGURATION >> PHP Script Arguments (the 2nd tab).

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You should be able to pass the arguments via the debug URL like so:

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