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I'm looking for resources on the web with a lot of detailed explanation of Domain-Driven-Design (DDD) and the patterns that are used. I'm aware of the books available, but I'm looking for resources on the web.


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Here's a long, free PDF, which is essentially a shortened version of Eric Evans's book (with his blessing).

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In addition to the free Domain Driven-Design Quickly pdf, I have found these resources to be useful...

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There's the DDD web site, but it doesn't look to be active at all. I clicked on the links, and none of the ones I tried appear to be newer than 2007. Maybe DDD isn't catching on....

UPDATE: Seems like things have changed a lot since I gave this answer a year ago. At least the DDD link that I gave has been updated and looks pretty good.

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The Domain-Driven Design website was updated quite a bit in 2009. There were several useful videos and articles posted. You might want to update your answer. –  dthrasher Feb 2 '10 at 17:16

BBC's Radio Labs has an interesting page on DDD and a few closely related ideas.

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There's also Think DDD, where you can download a free 34-page PDF called DDD Step by Step.

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thinkddd.com is down but you can also download the pdf here: blog.zenmodeler.com/download/… –  max taldykin Dec 14 '13 at 18:05
this blog link is unfortunately down as well... –  Mario David Apr 17 at 14:31

I suggest the following resources for .net solutions :

  1. Domain Driven Design Quickly


  2. Tim McCarthy's sample C# app for his book, .NET Domain-Driven Design with C# : Problem-Design-Solution


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