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I am using VB.NET to query via SQL an Excel spreadsheet using ADO.

The general way is like this:

SELECT [firstname], [secondname] FROM [Sheet1$]

Which works perfectly
However, one of the headings is called 3, so I want to do:

SELECT [firstname], [secondname], [3] FROM [Sheet1$]

However, this does not work. I know I can use * to get all columns, but later on I want to use (using dataReader):

dr("3") which won't work

Any ideas?

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When using (or implying) HDR=YES in the connection string, an illegal column name will be replaced with the column's ordinal position appended with the letter F.

For example, if your column named 3 is the fifth column in the Excel Range then its name will be considered to be F5.

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thanks, this works. I just used F and the number of the column and it worked perfectly. Yes I am using HDR=YES. –  user159603 Feb 8 '11 at 10:11

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