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Here is the full exception:

CRVAP0087E (conflict):  CCRC command 'Update' failed: 
Unable to get contents of directory "E:\ccweb_views\akash.sharma\akash.sharma_AR_TAS_Release1_int_2\rainwater\src\TAS\codegenerator\pom.xml": 
ClearCase object not found
Problems were encountered while retrieving view synchronization information and data.

It goes on with:

ClearCase CM Server: Error: 
Unable to access "\rainwater\src\TAS\codegenerator\pom.xml": Permission denied.

at com.ibm.rational.stp.cs.internal.util.StpExceptionImpl.realException(StpExceptionImpl.java:493)
at com.ibm.rational.stp.cs.internal.util.StpExceptionImpl.<init>(StpExceptionImpl.java:572)
at com.ibm.rational.stp.cs.internal.util.StpExceptionImpl.<init>(StpExceptionImpl.java:538)
at com.ibm.rational.stp.client.internal.cc.Util.ccrcCmdStatusToWvcmException(Util.java:155)
at com.ibm.rational.stp.client.internal.cc.Util.runCommandAndCheckResults(Util.java:107)
at com.ibm.rational.stp.client.internal.cc.WebViewRefresh.run(WebViewRefresh.java:151)
at com.ibm.rational.stp.client.internal.cc.CcFileImpl.doRefresh(CcFileImpl.java:240)
    at Refresh_View.main(Refresh_View.java:65)

How would you troubleshoot that?

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If there is some kind of permission issue, you need to check:

  • what user is actually executing the Java call?
  • What is its PRIMARY_CLEARCASE_GROUP (environment variable)?
    (As you found out in your question "Java CM api for ClearCase throw exception", CLEARCASE_PRIMARY_GROUP cannot be used with the CCRC CLI or, I suspect, with the Java CM API)

You need to make sure that user has a main ClearCase group within the groups (primary or secondary) of the Vob 'rainwater'

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If you are 100% sure the user is already in the correct group, fixprot might help.

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There is no fix_prot.exe on a CCRC installation: a CCRC client has no view: all the snapshot 'web' views are on the CM CCRC server (where you could in theory make a fix_prot there) –  VonC Feb 8 '11 at 12:46
What I meant to say is, on the server side, the CC admin could use fixprot to correct any bad protection. Obviously this cannot be done by a regular CC user with CCRC. –  kolslorr Feb 8 '11 at 15:03

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