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I have 2 wcf projects in the same solution. both reference libraryX, but use different versions. when deployed, both services are in the same folder with the same bin folder, so I have an issue with both DLLs being called libraryX.dll. Internally, they have a different version, so can I just rename the physical filename of one? If not, what is the best approach?

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You can try setting the RelativeSearchPath for the current AppDomain by changing the PrivateBinPath on the AppDomainSetup.


And move the older (or newer) assembly file to a subfolder under your application base.

so have a structure like: c:\myapp\bin [all curent files] c:\myapp\bin\older [the older library]

In code:

AppDomain.CurentDomain.SetupInformation.PrivateBinPath = "older";
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