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I would like to use Access ability to show dependencies of an object. I have read many times that Name AutoCorrect should be turn off at all times to avoid bad things to happen. But what about Object Dependencies ? It is quite a nice tool to have, and Access (2003) asks me "Track name autocorrect must ne turned on". Is that dangerous ?

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Yes, Name AutoCorrect can be risky. See Allen Browne's page: Failures caused by Name AutoCorrect

Tracking object dependencies can be useful during development. But it is not very thorough. Use it in development if you find it helpful. Be aware of the problems it can create. And turn it off for production applications.

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Perhaps also during development if anything is a little weird :) – Fionnuala Feb 8 '11 at 11:44

I run by default with Name AutoCorrect off.

But sometimes when I have a project where I need to do major renaming (usually it's a part of refactoring an old application in preparation for new development on the project), I will turn on Name AutoCorrect to do the renaming so that it propagates as many of the changes to object/table/field names as possible. Once the renaming is completed, I turn it off again.

It certainly shouldn't be on during normal development, and certainly not in a deployed application.

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