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I'm trying to get a list of the real users on the local machine. By real I mean the users that can physically logon to the system and use it, excluding remote only accounts and the like.

This is what I do already.

  • Call NetUserEnum() with FILTER_NORMAL_ACCOUNT.

    I get the following users:

    • __ vmware_user __
    • Administrator
    • Help Assistant
    • ASPNET
    • Guest
    • SUPPORT_xxxxxx

    Note that this are the same users that I get when calling net user from the command line, but in the logon dialog I can only select Administrator. This is what I want.

  • From the return list on NetUserEnum(), I can tell which accounts are disabled. That leaves:

    • __ vmware_user __
    • Administrator
    • ASPNET
    • SUPPORT_xxxxxx
  • Then I run LsaEnumerateAccountRights() to check which accounts have the SeInteractiveLogonRight.

    All of them have it. Except the real one, Administrator. Some of them have SeDenyInteractiveLogonRight. That leaves me with:

    • __ vmware_user __
    • Administrator (no SeInteractiveLogonRight)

I found somewhere that maybe I should be checking group permissions first, as my user account might be inheriting SeInteractiveLogonRight. So far, I haven't found a way to list the groups for a given account (SID or name). Tried with NetUserGetGroups() but it turns out that this one only returns domain groups (in my case, "None").

Right now I don't know what else to try. Looks like everything will be easier if I had an 'Access Token' but there seems to be no way of getting that for a user other than the currently logged on. There are like 20 different APIs related to authentication and this is crazy.

I appreciate your help

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As you said, the last step probably is just filter the users which belong to Administrators or Users group.

Try the method NetUserGetLocalGroups for enumerating the groups an user belongs to.

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Thanks, that made it! I totally missed this NetUserGetLocalGroups() function. –  bts Feb 8 '11 at 11:08
For the record, my final solution to the problem is listing user's groups with this function, then keeping the users belonging to Users or Administrators group. I was checking permissions for users/groups with disabled local login, but turned out that windows is including these users into the logon list (though you can't actually log in, as they are disabled). –  bts Feb 8 '11 at 12:19

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