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I want to take some data from the database and arrange it into rows with each row having 4 columns. Tables or css come to mind. By the way, I do not need borders.

What's a clean way to do this? If I use tables, I would have to count how many cells have been done in a row and in the last row add some empty cells to that row. Right? What is a better way?

I am using Spring MVC JSPs and looked at the associated docs.


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rendering data in jsp using spring controllers and different classes

I think it answer your question completely.

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Thank you for your response. The link you shared shows how to loop over objects and how to display properties of that object in a table row. I was looking for how to loop over strings and have 4 of those strings in the same row. Also it would have to handle the case where the number of strings is not a multiple of 4. Thanks! – finneycanhelp Feb 11 '11 at 21:43
This is closest. Have a great day! – finneycanhelp Feb 13 '11 at 19:07

I would suggest something like this:

<table id="list">
<thead class="dataTableHeader">
        <td><fmt:message key="items.header"/></td>
    <c:if test="${fn:length(yourForm.items.count) < 4}">
            //add some empty rows
        <c:forEach var="item" items="${yourForm.items}">
                                    // and other colums

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something like that, true. I think a counter would be used and once the 4th cell in a row is done it can complete the row and start another. A check would have to be done to handle the case of empty cells. Example: outputting 10 items results in 3 rows with the 3rd row containing 2 empty cells. – finneycanhelp Feb 9 '11 at 2:35

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