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The autocompleter in expects that the server response is a <ul> list. Is there some way for me to extend or replace this behaviour so it can take server response that is an XML or JSON document instead?

Is there also a way to extend the autocompleter's renderer so I can add a footer to the autocompletion list?

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Yes you can extend the behaviour of's autocompleter. You do this by overriding the onComplete method with code that handles the json data and creates the <ul>-list for you. This list should then be sent to updateChoices.

Say you will retrieve the following JSON response when you search for "U":


An example of an extension of Ajax.Autocompleter that can handle the response above:

var MyCompleter = Class.create(Ajax.Autocompleter, {

    initialize: function($super, id_search, id_list, url, options) {
        $super(id_search, id_list, url, options);

    onComplete: function(response) {
        var text = response.responseText;
        if (text.isJSON()) {
        // else do nothing

    handleJSON: function(json) {
        var htmlStr = '<ul>';
        json.each(function(item) {
            htmlStr += '<li>';
            htmlStr += item;
            htmlStr += '</li>';
        htmlStr += '</ul>';


There is also an example on how to replace autocompleter's width reset behaviour.

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