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I am not really getting the redirect input in DOS mode.

I know the working example: sort < list.txt which sorts the content of my list.txt

but why doesn't this work: dir < arguments.txt the content of my arguments.txt file is for instance just: -D

I would expect the command dir < arguments.txt be equal to dir /D

why isn't this working?

thanks juergen

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The < operator redirects console input to be from a file. The cooresponding > operator redirects the console output to be to a file.

The sort command reads the console until it reaches end of file (cntl-Z) and then it produces the sorted result.

The dir command does not accept console input, only arguements on the command line, so the the file containing /D is never read.

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ah ok. thank for the input. –  juergen Feb 25 '11 at 16:15

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