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Using luabind, I create a table of objects from C++

luabind::object create_table(lua_State *L)
  luabind::object result = luabind::newtable(L);
  int index = 1;
  for ( ... ) {
    lua_Object *o = new lua_Object( ... );
    result[ index ++ ] = o;
  return result;

I register the function as

  def("create_table", &create_table)

and lua_Object as

class_<lua_Object> reg("Object");
module(L) [ reg ];

How can I tell luabind to take ownership of the objects stored in the table ( new lua_Object( ... ) )? What would be a work around?

Thanks -

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result[ index ++ ] = o


result[ index ++ ] = luabind::object(L, o, luabind::adopt(luabind::result));

On a side note, don't you have to register create_table with raw(_1) policy?

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Thanks - I just gave it a try and it works fine. The raw policy is no longer required: rasterbar.com/products/luabind/docs.html#raw , just put lua_State * as first parameter and luaBind automatically detects it. –  user608003 Mar 6 '11 at 11:13

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