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With a full ClearCase installation, CLEARCASE_PRIMARY_GROUP is the usual way to set the main group for a user.

What about a CCRC installation through CLI (Java CM CLI or CCRC CLI)?
The GUI allows to set a primary group, but how would you set it through command lines?

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With CCRC, the technote swg21423936 mentions:

The ClearCase Remote Client Command Line Interface does not support the ability to pass a specific client side ClearCase Group (such as CLEARCASE_PRIMARY_GROUP) or pass a defined set of user groups that should be used for the specific client logins (such as CLEARCASE_GROUPS).

The CCRC GUI client does allow these preferences to be set.

The only workaround is to set a default primary group on the server side (the CM CCRC server)

If the CM Server is a Windows server, an administrator can set the value of the ccrcPrimaryGroup mBean on the CM Server. This is a primary group name for all users who access that CM Server. Default value is "" (empty string or unset). Can be set to the empty string (to unset the override).

Note: This is not available on UNIX or Linux CM Servers

For information about setting mBean variables refer to the ClearCase Administrators documentation under the topic of Setting available MBean attributes.

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