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Olá eveyone,

I have a datasource which returns a single row like this:

Group        Roles
1            4,3,2

now, I need to translate that into a repeater like this:


Admin        (know more)
Doctor       (know more)
Support      (know more)

when user clicks on know more then imma show them the right page. all is okay, only, since my DataSet is a single row, I Was wondering how to do this. I have an enum with those roles so translating numbers to roles is not a problem.

I was thinking split that string 4,3,2 into array and bind it to repeater. but I need the group name as well.

so I want something like ListItem(GroupName, Role) for each of the roles. so list item is great. or keyvalue pair array.

I am confused which is the best one to use in this scenario? if I should use ListItem array, can I bind it to repeater?

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You will be fine using an array as a datasource for your DataGrid. From the DataGrid documentation:

The following data sources are valid:

A DataTable

A DataView

A DataSet

A DataViewManager

Any component that implements the IListSource interface

Any component that implements the IList interface

You can see here that array implements IList.

As for getting the name of your role, you can use the Enum.GetName method:

Enum.GetName(TypeOf(RoleEnumType), role_id)
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this did not answer my question AT ALL. question: what is the right way to convert a csv to multiple row and bind it to a repeater ? –  MissUnderstood Feb 8 '11 at 13:13
What you suggested was perfectly fine (get out the values using String.Split) –  WiseGuyEh Feb 8 '11 at 15:01

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