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how to compare date coloumn in sqlite where condition

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It's hard to tell what exactly you're asking, but the SQLite website has a page on date and time functions that should help.

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If you store your dates as Unix timestamps, as you always should, you can just compare them as numbers (because that's what they basically are -- the number of seconds since midnight January 1 1970 in UTC) using <, > and the like.

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I'm not sure if i fully understand the question. What are you trying to compare the dates to? Today? Last month, year? What end result are you looking for? Days? Hours?

I ran into an issue where i needed to know the days between a sql date field and today... Its right here. If this is what your looking for dont forget to save the date as YYYY-MM-DD (ie. 2011-02-08)

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This is what you would select for

select strftime('%Y-%m-%d, '2012-04-05')


select strftime('%Y-%m-%d', datecolumn)
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